We believe in the power of renewable energy

We design, develop and manufacture Nilar Hydride® batteries in our state-of-the-art factory in Gävle, Sweden. With products that offer unique safety benefits, environmental consciousness and long-term power, we have the optimal battery energy storage solution, whether it be for your home, business or infrastructure project.

Home & residential

Energy storage can be used in your home to provide cost savings and backup power for when you need reliable power supply. The sustainability and safety of Nilar batteries make them the perfect solution for your home.

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Industrial & commercial

In addition to allowing more renewable energy resources to be installed, energy storage can also reduce peaks in power consumption, enable financial savings and contribute towards making your business more sustainable.

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Smart grid infrastructure

Today’s electrical grid cannot handle the rapidly increasing demands. Nilar’s scalable solution can be implemented to effectively meet these new demand challenges.

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Why Nilar

If you care about safety, the environment, performance, longevity, and quality, then Nilar has the perfect battery for you.


The water-based electrolyte is non-flammable. Uniform current flow paths lead to no concentrated hot spots and more efficient heat dissipation. The structural components within the battery paired with the non-flammable electrolyte means there is no spontaneous ignition and no uncontrolled heat propagation.

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Environmentally friendly

The Nilar R&D process focuses on the Circular Economy philosophy, with every innovation striving towards component renewal and waste reduction. All Nilar products are produced at our factory in Sweden with 100% renewable energy and are able to be recycled at end of life.

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Long-term power

The unique combination of Nilar Hydride® technology and our patented bi-polar construction provides a reliable source of power designed to last for more than 20 years.

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Whatever the weather

Weather forecasting is not an exact science and there can be unexpected temperature swings. The Nilar Hydride® design enables operations to run smoothly regardless if it’s -10°C or +40°C.

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Manufactured in Sweden

Nilar batteries are designed, developed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Gävle, Sweden, powered by 100% renewable energy. The Q&A process ensures that nothing leaves our factory until it has been approved at every stage of production.

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Our products

With significant investment in design and innovation, the advanced Nilar batteries have evolved into the solution that is ideal for storing solar and wind power and charging electrical vehicles for long
term use in private households, commercial properties and industrial plants. All our configurations can be scaled in order to meet increasing energy storage requirements.

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The Nilar factory & technology

Our batteries are assembled in our state-of-the-art factory in Gävle, Sweden. With low impact electricity and a highly educated workforce, we make sure that your batteries are up to par with our high standards.

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For integrators

Are you interested in using Nilar batteries in your specialized application? Nilar offers easy integration and communication using the most common network protocol.

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About us

Do you want to know more about us? Nilar is a company with a long history of research and development, with a drive for new technology. We are always looking for new ways to innovate, and people who want to join us in the Nilar Hydride® battery revolution.

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