Why Nilar

At Nilar we believe in the power of renewable energy and its importance in driving innovation and industry forward. That’s why we are doing what we can to improve the access and supply of sustainable solutions to homes, businesses, industry and the grid. At Nilar, this means developing the ultimate energy storage solution. One that is more efficient, safer and has a much smaller environmental footprint than any other solution in its class. And that’s what we have done, that’s what we do, every day.

Because today’s grid doesn’t meet tomorrow’s energy requirements

Advances in technology over the past 10 years have created fantastic opportunities for consumers and industry alike. Smartphones, tablets, robots, hybrid cars and the internet of things have revolutionised the way we live and work, but they all require a reliable flow of power. As the use of energy increases, so does the demand on the grid. At Nilar we are doing what we can to help energy providers store and utilise more sustainable energy, and to provide a smooth reliable flow of power to users.

Because safety is essential for the future of energy storage

We’ve all heard stories about batteries exploding. Whether it’s a house fire caused by a smartphone or hoverboard, or an airplane that is grounded because it doesn’t meet safety regulations. At Nilar we believe that safety should not be a concern for a manufacturer or a homeowner, which is one of the key reasons why we chose to develop NiMH batteries in a bi-polar design, for our energy storage solutions. Unlike lithium batteries, Nilar batteries do not pose an explosion hazard. This means they can be fitted in sensitive areas, such as homes, shopping malls or offices, and be safely transported en masse by road, rail, sea or air.

Because efficiency and reliability are a must for smart grid

Nilar is the only manufacturer that designs, develops and manufactures an entire NiMH bi-polar energy storage solution, from battery cell to functional system. What’s more, our products have far less parts than most battery manufacturers. Nothing leaves our state-of-the-art factory until it has been approved at every stage of production. This way we can guarantee the quality of the system and ensure customers receive a safe, powerful and efficient energy storage solution, no matter if it’s five, 500kWh or more.

Because increased energy demands require a different technology

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) technology is the optimal power solution for applications such as smart grid and telecom base stations. That’s because when NiMH chemistry is combined with a bi-polar design, it takes on a completely new dimension, lasting twice as long as most lead batteries of the same size.

Because the environment is always important

The method of using energy storage solutions to collect and deliver sustainable energy is a good way to optimise the use of renewable power such as solar and wind. This is beneficial both for the environment and the grid. However, what’s not good for the environment is the poor recyclability of lithium and lead-acid batteries. They act as pollutants at end of life. Nilar batteries on the other hand are made for recycling, making them a much better choice for those looking for a real sustainable energy storage solution.

Because weather conditions shouldn’t dictate your choice of energy storage

We live in a world of opposites (pardon the pun). The weather can no longer be relied upon to behave as expected. One day it’s warm and the next day it’s freezing. For many battery suppliers this has always been a deal breaker, but that’s not the case with Nilar. With our NiMH, bi-polar technology you can operate regardless if it’s -20°C or +50°C.