Nilar EC Battery pack

Product Information

The Nilar EC (Energy Compact) Battery pack is a battery designed to meet the time shifting and peak shaving needs of today and tomorrow. Combined with our advanced bi-polar NiMH battery technology the Nilar EC Battery pack is a safer, greener, more reliable and cost-efficient energy storage solution.

Benefits in brief:
  • Wide operating temperature range from -20°C to +50°C
  • Designed for a service life of 20+ years
  • Maintenance free thanks to sealed design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable from cradle to cradle

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Product specifications

Product name Art. no. No. of battery modules Pack voltage [V] Rated capacity [Ah] Energy [kWh] Weight [kg]
EC-96V-10Ah 20-0010 8 96 10 0,96 23,6
EC-108V-10Ah 20-0011 9 108 10 1,08 26,2
EC-120V-10Ah 20-0012 10 120 10 1,2 28,8
EC-144V-10Ah 20-0013 12 144 10 1,44 34

Physical dimensions of Nilar EC Pack


Product name Depth [mm]
EC-96V-10Ah 248
EC-108V-10Ah 273
EC-120V-10Ah 293
EC-144V-10Ah 337

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