Nilar Energy Product Series

With significant investment in design and innovation, the advanced Nilar batteries have evolved into the solution that is ideal for storing solar and wind power and charging electrical vehicles for long
term use in private households, commercial properties and industrial plants. All our configurations can be scaled in order to meet increasing energy storage requirements.

Our unique combination of Nilar Hydride® technology and modular bi-polar construction provides an environmentally conscious and reliable power source with essential safety benefits. All Nilar batteries produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Sweden, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Nilar Battery Packs

The Nilar Energy Battery retains the critical aspects that have become synonymous with Nilar: long term power, superior safety benefits, and environmental sustainability. The Energy Battery is able to dispatch power swiftly and efficiently. At Nilar, our batteries are designed to meet the evolving needs of the global energy market today and into tomorrow.

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Nilar Home Box

The Home Box brings all the advantages of Nilar Hydride® batteries in a new compact and elegant design. With water based and non-flammable electrolyte, the Nilar Hydride® battery cells offer unique safety benefits when compared to other energy storage options.

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Nilar Cabinet Solutions

Powered by Nilar Energy batteries, Nilar Cabinets are available in 11,52 – 28,80 kWh configurations and can be scaled to meet increasing energy storage requirements. These small to medium scale energy storage solutions can be the ideal solution for safe energy storage in houses, buildings, apartment blocks and large estates.

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Nilar Rack Solutions

For industrial applications, Nilar Racks are available in 57,6 kWh size. The racks can be scaled incrementally to meet peak-shaving and load shifting requirements.

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Custom Solution

Do you want to integrate our scalable products into your custom solution?

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Integrate Nilar Batteries

Interested in integrating Nilar batteries in your energy storage solution?

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