Explore the world’s safest battery cell at EES Europe/Intersolar

Explore the world’s safest battery cell at EES Europe/Intersolar

From May 15th-17th Nilar will exhibit at the EES Europe/Intersolar and we would like to see you there! Don’t miss out to explore the world’s safest battery cell that is based on the Nilar Hydride® chemistry and produced in our state-of-the-art factory in Sweden.

Visit us in Stand B1.510 in Hall B1

We will be exhibiting the Nilar EC Series, our energy compact product series based on the world’s safest battery cell, including the Nilar EC battery pack, Nilar EC Cabinet solutions and Nilar EC Rack solutions. If you can’t attend the tradeshow and would like to obtain more information about Nilar, our new product series or about how we can help you with your energy storage needs, feel free to contact us at sales.europe@nilar.com.


To obtain 1-day tickets for free, please send an email with the number of 1-day tickets you need to: victoria.lemoine@nilar.com

Pre-booking of appointments

To make sure that a Nilar representative is available, please pre-book an appointment during EES Europe/Intersolar by sending an email to sales.europe@nilar.com

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  • Read about our revolutionary innovation that will make the Nilar Hydride® battery technology deliver unparalleled energy storage life: Nilar Press release

EES Europe/Intersolar 2019

Date: May 15-17

Location: Messe München, Munich, Germany

Hall: B1

Stand: B1.510

Entrance: West

Opening hours:  Wednesday – Thursday 9:00am-6:00pm / Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

Benefits in brief of the Nilar EC Series

  • Based on the world’s safest battery cell
  • Environmentally-friendly: free from cadmium, mercury and lead
  • Fully recyclable
  • Long service life
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
  • Maintenance free

Nilar EC Series with Nilar Hydride® batteries

Revolutionary Nilar Hydride® battery technology delivers unparalleled energy storage life

Swedish industrial battery manufacturer, Nilar, has developed a method for multiplying the life of its Nilar Hydride® batteries (NiMH). After years of research at its Swedish and US R&D centers, and in close collaboration with leading researchers from Stockholm University, the company made the game-changing announcement in December 2018.

The limited lifetime of batteries is an issue for users. Thanks to the new patented process, the Nilar Hydride®batteries will be able to handle considerably more charging cycles – and thus store and deliver far more energy throughout their lifetime – than other industrial battery technologies. This equates to a significantly reduced cost per kWh, which provides the lowest total cost of battery energy storage available on the global market. The robust, safe and environmentally-friendly characteristics of the battery are unaffected by this breakthrough.

“With this technology breakthrough we have found a way to re-condition a battery,” says Professor Dag Noréus from Stockholm University. “Typically, in Hydride batteries, the metal hydride in one of the electrodes slowly consumes the water-based electrolyte, which connects the plus and minus poles. However, the unique design of Nilar batteries makes it possible to counteract this aging process of the metal hydride. Adding oxygen causes new water-based electrolyte to form in the battery. This replaces the lost electrolyte and restores the internal electrode balance. With the right balance of oxygen and hydrogen, Nilar batteries can reach a lifetime that surpasses other corresponding battery technologies.”

Speaking about the breakthrough Nilar CEO, Marcus Wigren says, “A long service life is extremely important for our customers. Being able to offer the lowest cost energy storage solution to commercial real estate and private households gives us a huge competitive advantage. Research, development and innovation have always been an important part of our business and it is very satisfying to see our investments continue to give such good results. Protecting the environment is also one of our key drivers; being able to hugely extend the life of a battery is a big step towards a fossil-free and sustainable society.”

Michael Obermayer, Nilar’s Chairman of the Board, adds: “The European Union has set itself the goal of regaining leadership in the strategically important battery industry, and is committing significant supporting funds. With this fundamental innovation, we have laid the foundation for a new Swedish research-based battery industry. I believe Nilar is now a key player in this new European strategy and we will continue our fast move towards the company’s IPO.”

Nilar plans to launch the new patented technology for the Nilar Hydride® batteries later this year.


Stockholm University (2018, December 20th). Swedish research multiplies the life of rechargeable NiMH batteries. Samverkansavdelningen. Retrieved from:


Read the full news article here:


Nilar helps create sustainable accommodation in Holland

Through an efficient use of solar panels, a wood pellet boiler and batteries from Nilar, Dutch company Nieuw Leven has managed to create one of the most sustainable accommodation properties in Europe

When Nieuw Leven Accommodation decided to completely renovate their properties and relaunch under a new modern concept, a desire to minimize their environment footprint was at the heart of this. With a focus on sustainability, they needed a reliable energy storage solution that was in line with the new concept.

To promote self-sufficiency, Nieuw Leven invested in solar panels and a wood pellet boiler that can produce electricity. This included 97 Solarwatt 0,3kWP mono solar panels, producing an average of 29,1kWP. The panels provide power through a 27.6kW PV ABB TRIO inverter. Any excess energy is transferred to a 48 kWh Nilar rack system via a 50kW ABB ESI battery inverter. The entire process is managed by a Lovato energy management system, which ensures a smooth flow of electricity throughout the properties.

“A sustainable goal also includes sustainable batteries; The Nilar system is not only the safest battery in the market, they are also fully recyclable and contain no cadmium, mercury or lead. A logical choice for us!”, says Martijn Eelman, co-owner of Nieuw Leven.

Thanks to the combination of solar panels and an efficient energy storage system, Nieuw Leven can be reasonably self-sufficient during the sunniest times of the year. The energy produced during the day is both used to provide guests with electricity and stored in the Nilar system for use in the evening. During the winter months, when necessary, the wood pellet boiler provides energy for hot water and heating and can meet electrical requirements if necessary.

The new Nilar EC Series at the leading trade fair for industrial technology

Nilar will be presenting its latest product series Nilar EC Series at the Hannover Messe at Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Germany. Between April 23 – 27, visitors can explore the new energy optimized product series, which includes the Nilar EC Battery pack, Nilar EC Cabinets and Nilar EC Racks. The new product series features the Nilar advanced NiMH battery technology with bi-polar design, providing users with benefits such as full recyclability, wide operating temperature range, high safety level and long service life. Other highlights of the new products are a patented integrated cooling solution that ensures stable temperature throughout the whole pack. The new product series is manufactured with the fully automated production line at the Nilar factory in Gävle, Sweden.

Visit Nilar at Stand D45 in Hall 27.

New Nilar EC Series at Solar Solutions Int. fair

Between March 21st – 22nd Nilar will be showcasing together with their Dutch distributor Indutecc Industrial Solutions at the Solar Solutions Int. fair at Expo Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands. During the fair, Nilar will be showcasing their brand new Nilar EC Series, the product series with energy compact NiMH battery packs and battery energy storage solutions. The new battery product series features the Nilar advanced NiMH battery technology, providing customers with a safer, more reliable and greener unit that can operate on a wide temperature range, with high power and long calendar lifetime. The battery features an energy optimized design that is more than 30% smaller and with more than 50% higher volumetric energy density than the previous model.

For more information about the new Nilar EC Series, enter: www.nilar.com   

Visit Nilar and Indutecc in Booth D4.

NiMH Batteries from Nilar – When Safety Matters

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Nickel metal hydride is a mature battery technology that has been used commercially for over 25 years for a variety of applications including consumer products, electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and stationary power applications. The mass introduction of batteries into cars is driving safety regulations both for vehicles and other battery applications, such as energy storage. The Swedish energy storage company Nilar have NiMH battery technology that is well positioned for this progress with safety as one of its main benefits.

Thanks to the stable nickel metal hydride chemistry, the bipolar battery from Nilar does not pose an explosion hazard – a common problem with lithium solutions. NiMH batteries utilise aqueous electrolyte rather than organic electrolyte – the chemistry base of lithium-ion batteries. This means there is no risk of self-ignition in NiMH batteries. NiMH batteries also perform well under fluctuating conditions, such as instant drops in temperature, shocks and constant motion.

“Lithium-ion batteries are capable of storing relatively large amounts of energy in a small and lightweight package, which is why they are so widely used today – and there are currently no other viable alternatives for small devices or fully electric vehicles. However, this is not the case for heavy-duty equipment, hybrid-vehicles, and stationary energy storage applications, where the NiMH battery technology is a far more stable and reliable option”, says Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar.

One of the many functionalities of the Nilar Battery Management System (BMS) is preventing the battery from overcharging or deep-discharging.

“Lithium-ion batteries in general require a very strict safety region when it comes to upper voltage limits, temperature limits and current limits. If you pass these set limits, you come into the safety critical region where thermal runaway can be triggered by internal short circuits, during deep discharge or during over charge. NiMH batteries, on the other hand, are more robust and capable of managing various safety critical events such as electrical and mechanical abuse, critical environmental exposure and faulty workmanship”, continues Marcus Wigren.

“We all know that lithium-ion batteries will continue to spread, despite the dangers. But safety is not to be taken lightly and people should know that there are more robust technologies available. For a private home, office building, or at other public areas, NiMH batteries offer the safest energy storage solution available as they will not cause harm to homeowners, passersby or properties. Rather, they will provide energy as and when required”, concludes Marcus Wigren.

Nilar leads the way with high-voltage storage solutions for the electrical energy storage market


Over the last number of years, the battery energy storage market has matured. Nilar has observed a decisive change in interest from low-voltage (below 60 Volt) to high-voltage (60 – 600 Volt) solutions in a variety of applications, a change that lends to Nilar’s strengths. To meet this change in market direction, Nilar has decided to increase its focus on high-voltage and to discontinue its current line of low-voltage solutions.

High-voltage battery systems offer considerable advantages over low-voltage systems, such as lower total cost of ownership, versatile installation, and future-oriented flexibility. This is compelling end users to adopt high-voltage storage solutions for their operations. This year there was a clear increase in high-voltage systems in the submissions for the EES Award, which reflects the current developments in the energy storage industry (1). This trend is much welcomed by Nilar:

Over 10 years ago Nilar realized that low voltage solutions would eventually evolve into high voltage products. Judging by the interest we have seen this year; the market is finally ready. Today, we are positioned better than ever before to embrace this market. Our bi-polar technology is ideally suited for high voltage applications and we have continuously invested in that future. These investments gave Nilar products that are broad reaching, efficient, and safe. Nilar will therefore focus on three high-voltage segments going forward; EV-charge support, home/business storage and grid support“, says Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar.

The emergence of Nilar’s high-voltage batteries has created new energy storage opportunities for various technologies and applications. Due to a unique combination of bi-polar design and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) chemistry, Nilar can offer a high performing storage solution packaged in a safe and environmentally friendly battery.

(1). http://www.electrical-energy-storage.events/en/ees-award.html

Nilar bi-polar NiMH battery energy storage at Vakbeurs Energie Show in Netherlands

Between October 10th – 12th energy professionals have the opportunity to meet Nilar and the Dutch distributor Indutecc Industrial Solutions at Vakbeurs Energie Show 2017 in ‘S-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Together with Indutecc, Nilar will showcase the Nilar 48kWh battery energy storage rack solution, the high capacity energy storage that can be scaled with increments of 48kWh. Visitors will be able to explore the rack system which is based on the safe and reliable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) chemistry. Nilar representatives will be available during the fair to inform about how Modular Bi-polar battery technology with long service life and quality assurance, from battery cell to functional system, can satisfy your needs.

Visit Nilar and Indutecc in Booth 06.D014.

Visit Polish distributor of Nilar products at International Railway Fair

Visit our new Polish distributor Dacpol at TRAKO International Railway Fair between September 26th- 29thin Gdansk, Poland. Come by to hear more about the Nilar NiMH Bi-polar technology and battery energy storage solutions.

Visit DACPOL at Stand C15.

DACPOL is a Polish company specializing in distribution, service, manufacturing and export of power electronics components since 1991. DACPOL delivers components for power electronics, electrical engineering, electronics, power engineering and process automation.
For more information about DACPOL, visit: http://www.dacpol.eu/en/home

TRAKO is one of the largest and most prestigious International Railway Fairs of Central and Eastern Europe. With this years 700 exhibitors from 25 countries the visitors can explore rolling stock, on-track machines and equipment. The 12th edition of the fair presents the latest solutions and news within the rail industry development. In addition to the exhibitors showcasing, the fair offers seminars, presentations, product demonstrations, debates and more.

For more information about TRAKO, visit: http://trakofair.com/

Visit Nilar at the leading trade fair in Poland

Nilar will present its latest sustainable energy storage solutions at the Energetab trade fair in Bielsko-biata, Poland September 12-14. Together with Dacpol – our Polish distributor – we will showcase our energy storage rack solution, which is produced from battery cell to functional system in Sweden. Visitors will also hear more about our recent case stories for smart grid and smart buildings with our unique bi-polar NiMH energy storage.

You are welcome to visit us in Hall A, booth 27 


DACPOL is a Polish company specializing in distribution, service, manufacturing and export of power electronics components since 1991. DACPOL delivers components for power electronics, electrical engineering, electronics, power engineering and process automation.

About Energetab Fair

The Energetab Fair is a leading international Power Industry Fair with more than 700 submissions from exhibitors from over a dozen countries in Europe and Asia. Exhibitors will present their most recent products and solutions for the Polish energy sector. Among the exhibitors you find both well-known international companies providing a full range of products to the global markets as well as the majority of domestic suppliers of technologically advanced machinery, equipment and apparatus, aimed at generating and supplying reliable electricity. Last year the fair was attended by more than 750 exhibitors from 20 countries. Read more here http://www.ziad.bielsko.pl/energetab/english/