History of the company


  • Increasing sales efforts.
  • Delivery to the customer.
  • Expansion of production capacity and performance.
  • The continued development of the next generation of solutions (power, micro hybrid etc.) based on demand from key customers.

2014 – today: Serial production

2014: Implementation of scalable and fully automated production line.

2001 – 2013: Product development

2013: Development of modules and modular systems.

2012: Implementation of the first industrial production line and battery development laboratory in high-quality premises in Gävle.

2011: Industrialization of the product and production started. Transfer of management functions from the United States to Sweden started.

2007: Major R&D projects with a large truck manufacturer.

2004: Extension of the patent portfolio and R&D organization.

2003: Produced the first electrodes as well as the first prototype modules.

2001: Founded Nilar and commenced the registration of patents. Recruitment of experienced team of engineers in the United States.